Yesterday’s post received a lot of commentary from close friends and family members. Mostly women.  “Don’t feel that your texts are bad when you send them to (the 20yo),” or “Are you ok?”   In all honesty, I’m quite superstitious. Having not sent a text of encouragement since the tournament began, I’m feeling that now I can’t.  They won again last night.  And I… Read more →

Cell Phone

The Green Light

It’s been a long season.  Traveling to Texas, Delaware, Long Island, and of course, Brookline.  And now, it’s tournament time, and I’m home with the 12yo.  Priorities.  What’s made it so hard is leaving the 20yo alone.  I mean radio silence alone. No texts, no phone calls, nothing. He’s playing in his first conference tournament and he doesn’t need his… Read more →


Sunday Night Dinner

One summer night I looked around at our group of friends and realized they had become my “family”. Some I have known for several years, some just recently.  We have a common bond that very few can understand.  All that matters is that we understand it, we are dysfunction-ally functional. Starting with three families of four, one boy and one… Read more →

Red Sox Fans

The Fan

When you live in New England it’s a known fact that you are either a Yankees fan or a Red Sox fan. Clearly, I am not a Yankees fan. Never have been even when we didn’t live here.   I have watched the suffering closely since 1986.  I admit, I was a Mets fan at age 16, until that fateful game… Read more →

Zac Brown Band The Foundation

Music To My Ears

Music is important to me. Different genres define my day, my mood, my overall self 99% of the time.  Listening to Zac Brown Band today has definitely put me in that mellow mood, but then lifts me up as each song plays.  Sitting in a cubicle all day is mind-numbing, until I put those headphones on and they take me… Read more →

DeSimone Fitness chicks

Friday Eve

We don’t mess around on Tuesday and Thursday.  Tuesday is “leg day” and, well, Thursday, is “Friday Eve”.  Mind you, we get after it pretty good on Thursdays.  I’m definitely sore for at least two days, and we all commiserate at Sunday Night Dinner about the time when we finally felt better over the weekend.  We work in two groups… Read more →

Strike Three!

Keep Your Chin Up!

“Strike three, your out!” That phrase has so many connotations. Clearly, in baseball, your out, but that’s just one at bat.  In life, it could land you prison for life in some states.  And in friendships, like life, it can mean the time has come to end a long friendship.  But does it really? Is it that we only have… Read more →

1966 was a good year


1966 was a very good year. Miranda rights came into being from the Supreme Court. The US Department of Transportation was created. Batman debuted on ABC Television. All cigarette packets in the United States must carry the health warning “Caution! Cigarette smoking may be hazardous to your health.” The Celtics defeated the Lakers for the NBA Championship. Star Trek debuts… Read more →

Barbie on the Boston Sports Woman

Barbie’s Resume

Watching TV with my 6 year old can be a real trip. First, she’s obsessed with infomercials. She actually pauses them on the DVR so she can show me the product. Then she will look me in the eye and say, “See mom, see what it can do? We should get it!” I’m not quite convinced we need the closet… Read more →

My Polyvore


Finding new apps that no one else knows about has become a bit of a hobby for me.  Especially when I get the jump on the girl.  Her twelve year old little self is so hyper focused on social apps, that when I find one I KNOW she’s going to like, I’m all over it. That’s where Polyvore comes in. … Read more →